Amish Blanket Storage Chests

Amish Blanket Chests

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    If you are looking for timeless handcrafted furniture that can approach the quality of family heirlooms, then this storage chest made of the highest quality wood with clean lines will be one to store some of your prized possessions.

    Wooden Blanket Storage Chests 

    This blanket chest can come with different options of wood type. These can come as a cedar chest, or can be made of cherry wood with a cedar bottom. Our custom furniture makers can make a unique piece for you with other details that you require that will fit your interior design requirements.

    Timeless Handcrafted Furniture

    This Amish blanket chest or hope chest is made with highly-skilled Amish custom furniture makers. All our custom furniture are made of the finest materials. If you have a design option in mind, you can have us create a unique piece just for you.

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