Shipping Areas - States' Delivery Rates

Delivery is available for most items if the customer is within designated delivery areas.

We have delivery available to most states in the contiguous U.S., but we do NOT currently have shipping to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alaska, nor Hawaii.

Here are the shipping/delivery costs per state:

For the following 43 states:
ONLINE ORDERS over $5000. are delivered FREE
Online orders $5000. or less have a flat delivery rate of $450.
     Alabama            Arizona           Arkansas          California               Colorado
     Connecticut      Delaware         Florida              Georgia                  Illinois
              Kansas            Kentucky          Louisiana               Maine
     Maryland          Mass.               Michigan          Mississippi             Missouri
     Nevada             New Hampshire                       New Jersey
     New Mexico
     New York         Kansas             N Carolina             Ohio
     Oklahoma        Oregon             Pennsylvania    Rhode Island         S Carolina
     Tennessee        Texas               Utah                 Vermont                 Virginia
     Washington      West Virginia

For the following 7 states:
Due to shipping areas, we are NOT able to provide the Free delivery offer.
All ONLINE ORDERS to the following states have a flat delivery rate of $950.

     North Dakota
     South Dakota

Any questions about shipping/delivery?
Please contact us:
480-336-2144 – voice
602-926-7900 - textable only
or email us at:
We also are unable to ship internationally, outside of the U.S.