What is Amish Furniture and How to Tell If Its Authentic

Amish furniture is gaining a foothold in a broader market because of the internet. Furniture distributors such as the Amish Furniture Creations are helping Amish communities by bringing these high-quality solid wood furniture to you. However, not all types of solid wood furniture can be considered Amish furniture. To be considered as such, each piece of Amish furniture is made by Amish woodworkers using the same traditional techniques in a typical Amish woodworking shop. For generations, Amish communities in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana have made these furniture pieces. Each handcrafted Amish furniture is made with care and attention, from the quality of wood selected to how each piece joins. To gain an appreciation of what makes Amish furniture as it is, we are sharing the four aspects of what makes each Amish furniture a desirable piece.

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The Choice of Wood

Amish carpenters and craftsmen start by hand-selecting their choice of wood. The choice of timber selected by Amish shops depends on the geographical location of the Amish community. Those in the Appalachian Mountains use more oak. While in other areas, any of among quarter-sawn white oak, cherry, brown maple, beech, walnut, cedar, and hickory are selected because of their quality and durability. Choosing wood is essential to the furniture-making process. The appearance of grain and the quality of the cut are considered early to match the specific furniture or a furniture part in mind. Most importantly, the quality and choice of wood determine the appearance of the final piece. Hickory, brown maple, and cedar have warm colors, while white oak, pine, and American beech have lighter colors that suit certain Amish furniture styles.

Furniture Making Techniques

The wood selection is essential to Amish furniture making—the desired woodworking, finishes, joints, and gluing take the wood grain into account. They never use nails, relying instead on the joinery techniques they perfected for generations. Considering the quality of wood starting from the wood grains make the best possible piece of Amish furniture that can last for generations with the same high quality. That is why the quality and durability can withstand harsh conditions. Though Amish craftsmen permit technology, Amish shops still heavily rely on traditional don't use electricity. Amish builders rely on pneumatic and hydraulic-powered machines powered by diesel compressors as most Amish shops are off the grid. Amish woodworkers started out making outdoor furniture in small shops.

The Technology Used

Even today, woodworkers rarely use power tools in Amish furniture making. The first big jump in furniture manufacturing techniques occurred in the 1960s when Amish carpenters purchased the used furniture-making machinery. However, Amish craftsmen are not allowed to use electricity to build furniture. That meant hand tools are used in most stages of Amish furniture manufacturing. The internet has helped bring Amish furniture selections to a broader market. Aside from Amish use, Amish furniture distributors help with the shipping costs for each piece of furniture. However, because of their beliefs, none of the Amish woodworkers are allowed to run the websites or Facebook pages themselves. A company such as Amish Furniture Creations links Amish woodworkers to the general market.

Furniture Styles

Amish furniture is available in many styles depending on the community they originate from. The Mission style is one of the most popular choices because of its more modern and cleaner look characterized by straighter lines and exposed joinery, especially in dovetailed cabinets. The Shaker style is known for being durable simple yet for being functional. The Queen Anne style is characterized by its more ornate moldings, carved accents, and more complex foot details such as twisted legs for some Amish furniture pieces. Though the styles vary, the level of craftsmanship and quality of finish and durability makes each piece of handcrafted furniture highly desired. Amish woodworkers acquire their skills and woodworking techniques through many generations by being passed through parents. Amish children rarely go beyond the 8th grade, opting to help out on the family farm. Though power tools are rarely used, the Amish's tools are time-tested to achieve the level of craftsmanship any unique piece of furniture is known for. Other Amish communities eventually developed styles which include the Rustic, Cottage, Quaker, Southwestern, and Beachfront.

Final Thoughts

The Amish Furniture Creations is a family-run and operated furniture company based in Mesa, Az. We have developed close relationships with Amish woodworkers and communities in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, to bring you the timeless beauty that each piece of furniture can bring to your home. You can visit our shop or contact us to learn how to avail yourself of different upholstery options, wood or lumber, finishing, and other services that we can provide you, including shipping quotes. Suppose you desire high standards of craftsmanship and owning a piece of American heritage in your home. In that case, you may visit our shop or our website to choose from among the beautiful Amish-made furniture available. Whether it is a table, chair, dining set, or to bring a warm feel to your bedroom, Amish craft will always be a charming piece of an heirloom-quality furniture piece you can cherish for generations.