What Makes Amish Furniture So Expensive

Each Amish-made furniture is a heritage piece. Amish custom furniture makers have perfected their craft after centuries of practice. These solid wood pieces are a staple of American history and can last for generations. Their warm and charming appeal goes well with any part of the house, like the dining room, a study room, entertainment center, or a bedroom. Well-planned interior spaces consider these handcrafted furniture sets as accent pieces to bring a warm feel to a room. Amish craftsmen frequently use solid wood species such as cherry wood, quarter-sawn oak, maple to bring out the best heirloom quality for each piece of furniture they make. With the amount of care, craftsmanship, and attention spent on each piece, you may ask yourself: how much does Amish furniture cost? However, knowing why Amish furniture prices are high adds to its appeal. Here are why any piece of Amish furniture is coveted and desired, unlike mass-produced furniture.

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1. Each Piece is a Handcrafted Furniture

The manufacturing process for each piece of Amish furniture is primarily manual. That is, each piece of Amish furniture is handcrafted. Though occasional use of machines is in place in furniture manufacturing, cutting, extracting, controlling, and finishing requires the keen attention of workers. Given the higher level of skill and craftsmanship involved in making each Amish furniture piece, the amount of time to finish each one takes time. Aside from covering machine maintenance and regular costs, the cost related to workers takes up a substantial proportion that goes into each piece. These handcrafted furniture pieces are a rarity, making Amish artisans well paid.

2. High-Quality Wood Type Used

Amish workers pay a unique premium on the quality materials they use. An Amish dining room table, for instance, can last for centuries. Their choice of solid wood species for each Amish-made furniture is sourced from local wood sources that guarantee longevity and durability. Amish artisans may select cherry, maple, walnut, white oak, or other hardwoods available, depending on the location. Aside from the material quality, the wood is quarter-sawn to ensure durability, especially for a dining table or any load-bearing furniture. Though this method is quite wasteful, it will always result in solid construction and a beautiful finish. Non-load bearing portions may use a particle board. However, this is rare and is requested by customers who opt for this option when manufacturers offer custom furniture choices.

3. Time-tested Traditional Furniture-Making Techniques

Though mass-production techniques in furniture making are widespread, this hasn't caught on with Amish communities. Amish furniture makers do not use an assembly line the same way mass-produced furniture pieces. There are techniques perfected for centuries, such as the proper fitting of joints and making strong supports, that guarantee longevity. Unlike mass-produced furniture, these procedures take time and attention to execute flawlessly, thereby adding to the cost for each piece of Amish furniture. Amish furniture makers ensure that each is a quality piece that can withstand everyday life for generations.

4. Each Amish Furniture Piece is Unique

Furniture companies such as Amish Furniture Creations allow their customers to choose their desired wood, hardware options, upholstery options, and stain color or finish. In the case of dining sets, for instance, customers can choose a dining table that can accommodate fourteen diners or so. The time it takes to make each piece of furniture is extended, allowing customers to choose their desired piece of furniture. Best of all, no two Amish furniture sets are alike. With its rich color beautiful finishing details, no wonder why people pay a high premium for each furniture piece.

5. Amish Furniture Have A Quality That Lasts for Generations

Most customers who prefer Amish furniture consider these as items that can be family heirloom property. They will merely be taking care of it for the next generations. Amish furniture is made with high-quality material and craftsmanship with durability and quality in mind. American-made furniture pieces that are generations-old exceed the quality of mass-produced new furniture. Given all the attention that goes into each furniture piece, including the quality of material and workmanship, each piece of Amish furniture is well-constructed.

6. Each Amish Furniture Piece Is Easy to Maintain

The abuse of everyday use can take its toll on most cheaper furniture pieces. For instance, in a dining room, imagine having children run around and knock chairs over or do other things on the table like stand on it. You won't have to worry about these if you have Amish furniture pieces. The quality of materials and workmanship that goes into each piece of Amish furniture ensures that these can withstand everyday use for generations. Recent makes also use high-quality materials such as easy-gliders for a drawer or high-quality leather as options without compromising the style that endears Amish furniture design for ages.

7. Amish Furniture Manufacturing Is Environment-Friendly

Traditional Amish furniture manufacturing techniques have only changed a little throughout the centuries. It includes selecting materials and how Amish communities take care of their sources. They do not use topcoats that contain high concentrations of VOC and use formaldehyde. Though these practices can drive Amish furniture prices higher, Amish furniture selling companies don't compromise the environment to cut corners. They always ensure that, aside from the family-heirloom-quality of each piece of furniture, they also take care of the environment.

Final Thoughts Why Amish Furniture is So Expensive

Though the base price of Amish-made Furniture can be high, each can provide tremendous value for anyone who purchases them. Aside from giving life to a room, whether a dining room, entertainment center, a study, living room, or a bedroom, each has a quality that lasts for generations with little to no maintenance. Amish Furniture Creations is a family-owned and operated furniture store in Mesa, Az. We are a proud distributor of Amish-made furniture since 1993. We offer custom options for most of the pieces offered on our site. We provide more material options to ensure that you bring home a beautiful product that will fit your interior space. To learn more about Amish furniture and custom furniture pieces, you can visit us at our store at 1660 S. Alma School Rd. #100 Mesa, Az. You can call us at (480) 336-2144. We will be glad to answer questions.